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    about Magnolia in Ilium:



    "Magnolia--she’s empathetic, confident, and impulsive, the perfect protagonist for this wholly original world. And it’s a well-built world at that, one that feels lived in by virtue of its history, lore, and geography."



    - Publisher's Weekly



    A witty, well-conceived, entertaining fantasy featuring a memorable young heroine and genuine chills."



    - Kirkus Reviews






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    cover art by danielasyreen@fiverr.com


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    Magnolia is surprised to learn that she has inherited an enchanted one-thousand-year-old silver hand mirror from a friend.


    It is an extraordinary and handsome gift, yet despite the trepidation that she feels about taking it she accepts it and returns to Gryndells to reunite with her friends as they prepare for their second term at the 400-year-old boarding school for magician children.


    The silver hand mirror seems almost ordinary at first, but then...it begins to do some rather peculiar and disturbing things...


    Join Magnolia and her friends as they attempt to solve a mystery concerning their Fundamentals of Dark Magic professor: Quentin Orlack.


    Magnolia and the Silver Hand Mirror is book two in the six-book Magnolia series.







    1. SF Faraway will soon be available in hardback at Amazon.comaomFare caption here


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