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    Magnolia is surprised to learn that she has inherited a one-thousand-year-old

    silver hand mirror from a friend.


    It is an extraordinary gift, but despite the trepidation that she feels, she accepts it and returns to Gryndells, to reunite with her friends as they prepare for their second term at the 400-year-old boarding school for magician children.


    Join Magnolia, her parrot, and her twelve-year-old sleuth friends as they venture into another' misadventure' when they come up against their Fundamentals of Dark Magic professor: Quentin Crisp.




  • Faraway

    A novel by D.L.Jenkinson


    In a parallel universe built on remnants of the human imagination, magic is afoot.
    It is a land called Faraway, where things that are imagined become all too real, and where fairy tales come to life.

    But Faraway is out of balance, and a daunting task lays ahead for people who have been kidnapped from the domain of men and women and brought here - when they discover what they must do to save themselves and return home again.

    Join a large cast of delightful, iconic characters on a madcap adventure that will stir your imagination and carry you off into the very special land of Faraway.


    A classic tale that you'll never forget.




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    ©cover art by D.L.Jenkinson

  • Magnolia in Ilium, by D. L. Jenkinson



    A tale about friendship, magic, and destiny...

    Twelve-year-old Magnolia Bannister (quirky, tough, with a penchant for outrageous fashion statements and getting herself into trouble) lives a carefree life aboard her parent's magical showboat, a vessel that travels half-in, and half-out of, the dominion of ordinary men and women.

    She's quite happy with her station in life and wouldn't have it any other way.


    But all that is about to change when Magnolia's parents hand their daughter an emerald-green envelope with spidery golden writing on it - an announcement from Gryndells, a boarding school for magician children in Ilium, telling her that she has been enrolled. Unhappy with what her parents have done, Magnolia plots to run away - but changes her mind when a 300-year-old magician hands her a special ring and explains that things won't go so well at Gryndells if she doesn't take it.


    Accepting the ring, and her fate, Magnolia and her parrot (River Joe) allow themselves to be carted off to Ilium and Gryndells, with a lot of misgivings.


    But something odd is happening at the 400-year-old school; pet hedgehogs are acting peculiar, five students have suddenly gone missing, and five out of the seven dragon teeth locked up in a display case in the headmaster's office have been stolen. Magnolia, bound and determined to find her missing roommate, enlists three of her fellow classmates, and her very unwilling parrot, to join her on a wild adventure of discovery.


    Join the twelve-year-old sleuths, a not-so-adventurous parrot, and a kleptomaniac black cat as they travel through strange places (including the creepy Halloween-inspired mountain village of Jack 'O Lantern where renegade witches and warlocks live a hole-in-the-wall existence) looking for an artifact that will hopefully help them find the five missing students and dragon teeth.


    Magnolia in Ilium, by author D. L. Jenkinson, is book one in an epic fairy tale fantasy series that begins on the Mississippi River and ultimately finds Magnolia, her friends, and Gryndells, face-to-face with a terrible dark force that is smoldering in the very strange, and very mysterious, Forest of Rin.


    For ages 12 - 300



    Reviews for Magnolia in Ilium


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    Magnolia Bannister is about as unhappy as a 12-year-old magician can be. She loves her life on the magical steamboat, Theodora, traveling up and down the Mississippi in the kingdom of Faraway. Her friends are her parrot, River Joe; the giant catfish that inhabit the river; and a host of other magical animals and creatures that inhabit the forest of Ardararia. And so she is devastated to learn her parents have enrolled her at Gryndells, a boarding school for magician children, without her knowledge. Reluctantly she agrees to go. Her interest increases after a 300 year old magician foresees a life full of adventure for her and gives her a special ring. Brimming with curiosity she begins a new chapter in her life. A chapter which will bring her new friends, challenge her abilities, and ultimately force her and her friends on an incredible and frightening journey to save Ilium. Magnolia in Ilium is an enjoyable read. It grabbed my attention with an exciting story line and intriguing characters. Independent, tough, and smart, with a taste for outrageous fashion statements, Magnolia is a character who lives in my memory. Hopefully there will be more of her adventures to come.


    Kathleen H. - Little Rock, Arkansas



    Magnolia is a wonderful, conflicted character who I fell in love with. She's forced to attend a school in Ilium when all she wants out of life is to become an actress and singer on her parent's steamboat (which has a theater). Ilium is out of this world and Gryndells is very similar to Hogwarts but 'different.' The characters and action in this book jump off the page and the story gets so mysterious and exciting that it's hard to put the book down. I did not want it to end. I hope the author writes more of these books. A series?


    Anonymous 5 star review on Barnes and Noble



    Prepare yourself for an enchanting, provocative, and highly imaginative tale that you'll wish would never end. The characters are fun and dynamic, the story is exciting and mysterious, and the ending is absolutely wonderful. It's my understanding that the author is working on a series involving the same characters and school (Gryndells) and I can't wait for the next installment to arrive. Finally, there is something new and exciting in the market place.


    Chris S. - San Francisco, California



    I grew up loving Harry Potter and reading all kinds of fantasy books. I also enjoy female heroines, so when I saw this book, I knew I wanted to check it out. I loved every bit of it and can't wait for the next one to come out!


    Anonymous 5 star review on Barnes&Noble

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